OMG OMG ….ur body, man… *dead*



@marieannem I was walking and Misha Collins showed up lolol #supernatural #sdcc






The way that the corners of Sam’s mouth turns downward before he smiles sometimes is absolutely adorable


Misha Collins and Orlando Jones at ‘Creativity Is Magic’ panel and Q&A during Comic Con 2014 on July 25th, 2014 in San Diego, California. (x)

Misha Collins attends TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites during Comic-Con International 2014. [x]


listen up for a sec ok because nothing makes me happier than seeing misha collins, who was bullied as a kid and who grew up poor and who genuinely believes he doesn’t deserve to get positive attention, being in a place where he is loved and respected and praised for being himself

where he’s…

Comic Con 2014: TV Guide Fan Favorites Panel, Part 2

Comic Con 2014: TV Guide Fan Favorites, Part 1


I cannot express how much happy this image makes me.

Misha Collins and The Lord of The Rings.

That’s all I care about…



If you still define Dean Winchester’s characterization by the single line of dialogue from the Supernatural pilot that is ‘no chick-flick moments’, then I would suggest that you kindly skip forward a little bit in the show and watch, oh, I dunno, ‘Wendigo’, because it starts being deconstructed by literally the second episode.