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person: dean winchester is straight
me: chill



Jensen + his dissatisfaction with Castiel’s clothing

Bonus: Jensen mocking all the Castiel Cosplayers as to what were they going to do with their trenchcoats now. [x]

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Never ending list of favorite scenes  (1.22) 4/

↳ No.

I love how we see in this episode Sam’s loyalty to Dean. we see it here, when it’s really hard to believe John is actually possessed, and Dean doesn’t need to explain much, he says ‘He’s different’  and  that’s enough, that’s good enough for Sam, and it takes him less than a minute to stand beside Dean. 

We will see it later on this episode when John is asking Sam to kill him, Sam is about to do it, until Dean says ‘No Sammy, don’t do it’, and he drops the gun. 


me: *points at adult character who is taller, stronger and older than me* small child. must protect at all costs. shelter. very tiny


Best of Destiel   #The Motherfucking OTP


Misha Collins | SPN 200th Episode Party [x]

— Anonymous was like: Outing people real or fictional is cruel and rude. Telling someone what sexual orientation they are is beyond stupid rude. If someone wants to stay in the closet that is their business and none of yours. Dean has said many times he is straight and he has sex with women. Proof enough for me. Please keep your sexual fantasies to your fanfiction.

Wow, this message would be funny if it wasn’t so infuriating (actually I take that back, it is pretty hilarious). 

How exactly is outing a fictional person cruel and rude? Did it hurt Dean’s feelings? Is he going to get ridiculed and mocked when he goes to school tomorrow? Are his parents going to kick him out? Oh no sorry, those are things real people have to go through and Dean DOES NOT EXIST!!!!

How about you and several other DEAN IS STRAIGHT!!! people congregating over my post and hi fiving each other over their ignorant comments stop getting butthurt over the possible feelings of a FICTIONAL CHARACTER and start having some empathy for real people. People like those who identify with Dean, who should feel free to interpret Dean’s sexuality however they like without being told that bi Dean is some sort of smear on canon and is so abhorrent to you that it shouldn’t be even speculated about and should be kept in fanfiction/sexual fantasy. 

I’m also going to say a few other things- and these are important:

- There is a lot of canon evidence that points towards Dean being bisexual (I’m not going to go into it but feel free to search for the countless posts flying around that do)

- My post was not hurting/outing/being cruel to anyone. It was merely a response to people like yourself who use certain scenes to refute the possibility of Dean being bi. I was pointing out that in cases of gay/bi people, especially someone like Dean (for the sake of argument), who grew up the way he did, who canonically, is someone who lies and represses many things about himself, hates himself and tries to be something he’s not by emulating an extremely hyper masculine role model (all things which many lgbtq people can relate to), these ‘i don’t swing that way’ scenes are not out of the norm, in fact they are quite the opposite.

- Furthermore, and this is most important, I AM NOT SAYING THAT THESE SCENES = BI DEAN. I’m not saying that people saying they’re not gay automatically means that they are. All I’m saying (see first dot point) is that there is a lot of evidence for bi Dean, and while those  ’i don’t swing that way’ scenes alone can’t make the case that Dean is bi, they certainly DON’T MEAN THAT DEAN CAN’T BE BI and that in conjunction with other scenes/subtext are in fact pretty in line with a Bi Dean interpretation (see second dot point).

In conclusion thanks for the good laugh and I hope one day you can understand that it is much less cruel/rude to express the idea that a fictional character is bisexual than it is to try and invalidate, belittle and shame people for their different perspective. Now please stop pushing your hetero-normative view where it’s not wanted, thanks.

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Danneel at Supernatural's 200th Episode Party



just remembered it this thing from misha’s super secret coffee lounge and it brought a genuine tear to my eye so I’m gona share it

misha said that west doesn’t actually take after him, maison seems more likely to. he said that west is a troublemaker just like his wife used to…

I love how it hurts

Soul Survivor [U]


the possibility of dean seeing cas and saying “hey, angel” seems so high it seems like it could happen it feels like it’s coming